6ti týdenní kurz

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Hello and Welcome,
your course starts now and may never end! We will take you on a guided tour through first 6 weeks. Each week there will be 4 new videos and teaching materials ready for you. You will see us in action and get many easy to do ideas to keep you going. After the purchase, you will have full access to this course - across any and all devices you own.

I am happy to see you on our journey to learn English as a second language the natural and fun way at home!


Health and Playing “What Is It”

Délka videí: 19 minut

Following the song “Five Little Monkeys”.
Playing with the phrase “What is it?”
Exploring with art and when outside.

Colors All Around

Délka videí: 19 minut

Following the song “Find Something Blue”
Playtime with the I Spy Game
Outside exploring and looking for more colors

Eating and Drinking

Délka videí: 16 minut

Following the song “Are You Hungry?”
Playtime with The English Picnic
Outside exploring the garden


Délka videí: 13 minut

Enjoy Songs: Fun With the Super Simple Songs CD 1
Take step by step: Montessori Activity in English Learning
Be creative: Art and Colors